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To book these services click the 'book now' boxes below and select the dates & times that you wish or contact us with the information and we can do the booking for you!

Dog Walking

1 Hour Dog Walking           $35

Dog Meet and Greet

30 min meeting           FREE

Pet Sitting

Single Dog Owner     $65/Night

Multi Dog Owner       $80/Night

Cats                    Additional $10

Please note the 'Multi Dog Owner' price is for those who have 2+ dogs in their household. There must be only one owner for these dogs. If you are having a friend or family member's dog join your household while you're on vacation additional charges will be applied.

Our Services

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    1 hr

    35 Canadian dollars

  • 24 hr

    From 65 Canadian dollars

  • 30 min


Want to book a pet sitter?...

Please contact us with the dates and times needed for our pet sitting service and we will get back to you with our availability as soon as possible!

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